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Oddments Theatre Company is a full time Christian theatre company based in Yeovil, Somerset with a heart for mission. Oddments welcome the opportunity to perform at churches, schools, prisons or other events mainly around the South of England. Thanks to ‘Friends of Oddments’ we are able to subsidise a large part of this work, enabling you to have an affordable event and for us to continue our work serving the body of Christ.

Want to book us or discuss how we can work with you? Get in touch here!

Find out more about our productions:

A brand new production, currently on tour until the 30th April!

This show wil take you on a journey through the last 7 days of Jesus’ life. Laugh and cry as we explore God’s overwhelming love for mankind.

This contemporary version of the Gospel story covers all the major events, including the turning of the tables, last supper, crucifixion and resurrection.

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The Hiding Place is the story of Corrie Ten Boom, a Christian woman who lived in Haarlem, Holland during World War II, and her family. Corrie saw the horrific threat the Nazis posed to the Jewish people and decided that she couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. With the help of an Underground regime, her family’s faith and a man called Fred, Corrie was able to create a safe place for Jewish people to hide in her families home. But what could the Ten Booms do when they were arrested?

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Prison Performances

If you are interested in booking us for a prison outreach, we would love to discuss this opportunity with you on an individual basis. Prison outreaches are fully based on the donations of our supporters. Find more information on our Prisons page or get in touch.

Terms & Conditions

Bad Weather Day
On the day, we can simply transfer over to an indoor venue!

Cancellation Policy
Oddments Theatre Company does not always require a deposit to confirm bookings for church services. However, we do require a deposit for day events, festivals and Churches Together events. Since booking space is at a premium and events are planned up to a year in advance, we do have a cancellation policy. In the unlikely event you need to cancel the event, we would keep the following percentage of your booking fee:

Up to 6 months before the event:  50% of your booking fee
6-3 months before the event:   75% of your booking fee
Within 3 months of the event:  100% of your booking fee

During the time your booking was in place we would have turned down other opportunities to perform and started to work on your programme. The revenue from church performances/events enables us to provide food for the team and fund development of our prison missions. As churches usually plan months in advance it would be very unlikely that we would be able to re-schedule this date (to date we have had only one church cancellation in 30 years).

Friends of Oddments
If suitable, we would also like to ask for an opportunity to set up a display and promote ‘Friends of Oddments’. We ask this at every event in order to gain support for our prison work. Again, please let us know if you would like to discuss this. We may also choose to bring a merchandise stand containing Christian books and gifts for sale, providing we can meet all safe Covid practices.

Depending on the start time of an event and when we are scheduled to perform, we may ask whether you are able to provide the team with food and drink. This will be discussed according to the event planned.

If you have a sound system that we could use/link our own radio mics to, this would be beneficial because it saves a lot of setting up time, although we do have our own system we could bring if need be.

The Space
Before a performance we will require a certain amount of time to set up and assure we’re prepared, this can vary from 2 hours – 6 hours depending on the production. Please let us know if this would be a problem to you. We need a certain amount of space to allow a performance area and safe distance from audience members according to Covid guidelines; please get in touch for more details.