Education & Community


We believe in educating children in self-confidence and encouraging them to love themselves the way God created them. Poor confidence can easily affect children, especially while they’re in school. We use the message in our school’s work to show the children that they are all loved and valued with the potential to achieve great things. We use fun and engaging stories to teach children about biblical and famous figures who overcame their struggles.

Our work focuses on the priority areas identified in the Department of Education’s Every Child Matters policy; being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and economic wellbeing.

We believe that education can and should be fun, and we create each production with the intent of helping our audience learn though entertainment and live theatre, children and teachers alike.


We aim to make our productions accessible to people of all backgrounds and promote equality, justice and good values amongst our audiences. We tailor our productions to work for our clients and make the performances affordable and accessible for everyone.

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