“I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me” – Mathew 25:36

What We Do

Oddments has been working in conjunction with prison chaplains for over 20 years, taking the Christian message into places like Guys Marsh, Exeter and Dartmoor. For many inmates, watching our dramas is their first exposure to the message in many years, for some the first ever. We believe that the prisons are the most rewarding places to perform as the inmates are often very open to the life changing word. Each outreach is carefully organized with the chaplain, and in many of the performances we are able to talk and pray with the inmates after the performances. We work in all category prisons and have performed in more than 26 prisons over the years. We are always looking to expand our prison circuit.

Since Covid-19, we have been able to send Drama DVDs- a 30min program of different sketches based on parables and gospel stories- and Christian books to prisons across the South of England, so that inmates can enjoy them from their chapel library.  


We take a collection of sketches into prisons, including modern re-tellings of Biblical parables and stories about forgiveness and guilt. We use a range of performance styles, from song to mime to storytelling so that each inmate has something they can connect to.

We also take a shortened version of our main touring production, currently The Hiding Place, to tell Corrie Ten Boom’s incredible story of bravery, love and forgiveness in even the darkest of places. This story inspires the prisoners to trust God regardless of their circumstances, knowing that he has a plan for them.

How to Support Us

We don’t charge prisons for our visits, making our theatre accessible to everyone. All of the funding for these visits comes from donations from our audience members at our main shows, and our sponsors who give monthly.

To find out more about donating, see our donation page or consider becoming a supporter.

Want to talk to us about arranging a prison performance? Get in touch here!