What’s involved?

Each academic year, Oddments Theatre recruit a small number of voluntary interns to join their team. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to tour as an actor in our church, school & prisons ministry in addition to being involved behind the scenes. Oddments Theatre offers you a year in which you will grow in faith, your skills as an actor, and gain knowledge and understanding into how a theatre company runs. Your time on our team will run from mid September through until the beginning of August.

How much does it cost?

Your internship with us is heavily subsidised by the charity. We ask you to pay £1950 in advance of starting your internship and this is to help us cover your food & accommodation during the year which is all provided for you. The remaining cost of this, not covered by your fees, is paid for by Oddments Theatre.

How do I apply?

Simply download and complete the application form below and send it back to us either by email or post. We look forward to receiving your application!

HOLD ON… I want to know more!

Why not take a look around our website & across our social media platforms, we’re on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Everything you see will give you an extra insight into what your year could hold. Our interns are at the core of our ministry and involved in every aspect of what we do. Also, if you’d like to chat us and ask any questions please do! Simply visit our contact page and give us a shout!