Friends of Oddments

Our work is made possible by the generous individuals and churches who support us. Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to continue our work and we are very grateful to our supporters for their kindness and prayers. We always welcome new supporters as our projects and prison work continues to expand.

For each 7 * supporters, we can reach a new prison and deliver the life-changing message to its inmates.

Creating and renovating our equipment is also expensive, and grant applications often only cover a proportion of the expense.

We’ve found that if we have a lot of people donating small amounts regularly, it can make a massive difference. Through our ‘Friends of Oddments’ scheme, you can regularly support our work with a monthly donation. Your support will help us subsidise outreaches, purchase new equipment and build props. It also helps fund training and administration costs. We are grateful for any amount you can give.

We also gratefully accept one-off donations. You can either give your chosen amount to the company in general, or you can ‘buy’ a piece of equipment for us.

To become a Friend of Oddments, make a one-off donation or get more information on how to ‘buy’ equipment for us, please get in touch.

* Based on a £5 monthly donation.